Great Eastern Highway Upgrade

City East Alliance – Great Eastern Highway upgrade –$350m
July 2011 -> March 2013

In 2012 we were asked to complete the concrete accommodation works package, after another contractor didn’t meet the requirements of City East Alliance. We surpassed expectations of the client, regularly beating tight deadlines (prior to opening sections of the road) and providing high quality products while maintaining an excellent safety record and reputation. As a result we continued to work with companies form City East Alliance on our current Gateway WA project.

Our scope included:

  • 10,000 m2 of Footpath, pram ramp and 1500m2 Cross over box out – including rock breaking, excavation and removal of material, compaction and preparation of sub grade to required survey heights and compaction levels.
  • Footpath formwork and reinforcement installation where required
  • Concrete delivery coordination, concrete pour and a range of different concrete finishes. (brush ,trowel, exposed footpath throughout project)

The machinery in our fleet that we utilised for this scope was as follows:

Bobcat ,8,5 and 4 tonne excavators with a range of buckets and rock breaker attachment

One issue that we found that our time frame to complete our scope of works per section of road was minimal. We met with other disciplines on site on a number of occasions and as a group managed to plan our works and resources in greater detail together helping us and the site to manage to meet our deadlines. We were able to help earthworks with works outside of our original scope with our broad range of machinery. In an effort to reach opening deadlines in some cases we highlighted our flexibility and carried out “nightshift”. When the ambient temperature rose outside of spec during day shift we poured and finished available concrete areas on nightshift.