Aubin Grove Train Station for Georgiou group

Our current scope:

  • MSE wall foundation and panel installation.
  • Reinforced Concrete, Formwork and reinforcement preparation, concrete pours.
  • Rail corridor works including new platform construction
  • Detailed and calculated earthworks within rail corridor.
  • Pier foundation construction.
  • Drainage installation.
  • Footpath/crossover construction.
  • Labour Hire.
  • Plant hire, both wet and dry hire.

Working within rail corridor: Staff has been trained for the works within the rail corridor and work in the vicinity of the train line.

Regular interaction with the Perth transport authority.

Excavation permits and detailed planning are prime catalysts in achieving a safe work area.

Working closely to the freeway: Plant operators have to be very careful and constantly utilise two way communications along with spotters when moving

Deliveries have to be well planned and conveyed prior to arrival on site.

Our workforce is aware of the benefits of positive communication with the public.

Shutdown works

High Quality works: All works are carried out and completed at the highest “main roads” standards