Welcome to Dash Civil Contracting

DASH Civil Contracting’s Director and staff are a highly motivated team.  Shaun Maiden (director) has extensive experience in the civil construction industry.

For over 20 years, the focus for Dash Civil has been to offer the highest standard of expertise to major projects, successfully delivering those projects on time, on budget & with a perfect safety record. This focus on expertise, competency & excellence is the very foundation on which DASH Civil Contracting was formed.

Dash Civil Contracting believes that delivering on promises will lead to our organisation remaining sustainable. These promises include:

  • Excellent Safety Health and Environmental records
  • Excellent Community relationships and minimising our works impact
  • Excellent Quality of work within agreed timeframe
  • Transparency in dealing with our client

Our daily actions as a group act as a catalyst to enhance our reputation.

Dash Civil Contracting prides itself on building relationships with our clients but also within communities that we work. We aim to deliver an excellent quality product, safely and on time with commitment to maintaining strong client and community relationships while minimising impact on the community and environment.